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2019 Annual Meeting
2019 Annual Meeting - will be held at 10:00 am Saturday, 27 April, 2019, at the Hampton Inn. Please see our "Info" page for board meeting dates and minutes of past meetings.
Trash Pickup
Normal trash pickup day is Wednesday. The truck comes pretty early, so we suggest that you put your cans out the night before. Please see full information here.
Brush Pick-up
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Members are reminded to use the town's quarterly brush pickup service, and remember that the town will not pick up brush from unoccupied community property. If you see anyone dumping on community property, please let a board member know.
Bulkead Backfill
Please read this letter from the bulkhead committee regarding important bulkhead maintenance.
Memorial Benches
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Members have the opportunity to contribute to the placement of memorial benches on community property. Rich Ryan will be arranging for the purchase and placement of the benches, and he will acquire the memorial plaques that will be placed on the benches. Plans are to install the benches in the boat ramp area, and along Hibiscus. The donation per bench is $150. It is also possible to share the cost of the bench with another member if that is arranged in advance. Anyone interested in donating should use the Memorial Bench contribution form found on the Resources page of this site.
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Per the Town of Chincoteague's law, dogs must not be allowed to roam off the property of its owner or custodian while not under its owner's or custodian's immediate control.

Anyone experiencing a problem with a dog should report the incident to the authorities, in this case the Accomack County Animal Control Officer. This is a town issue rather than an Association issue -- you'll need to report issues if you want action.  

Members and guests are asked to clean up after their animals and to dispose of the waste properly rather than leaving collected waste anywhere in the community.
Pine Beetles
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A number of the pine trees in the community have been infected by the Southern Pine Beetle. For some really good information, please view Kim May's presentation to the Association at the 2016 Annual Meeting. If you notice any dead or dying pine trees, please notify Beth Baker (
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The association's rental information fact sheet has been updated and provided to rental agencies for distribution to our summer guests. Also, the local YMCA has a guest program that is available to seasonal renters: YMCA Guest Program