Tidal Gut Erosion:
We are addressing the erosion of the banks of the tidal gut along Hibiscus Drive. The Association is responsible for the bank and the integrity of Hibiscus Drive. We have solicited bids from two vendors with the assistance of Chincoteague town manager Jim West and Kenny Lewis. We anticipate this will be an agenda item at the 2019 Annual Meeting.
The walkway to the boat ramp area from Hibiscus Road was addressed. The area has been trimmed and cleaned up. In addition, the fences along the area have been replaced. Vandalized shrubs along the Hibiscus tidal gut have been cleaned up.

Road Replacement / Drainage:
A contractor was engaged to complete Holly, Sunrise Shore, Shell and miscellaneous potholes with work completed May/June 2017. Several additional drains were installed on roads and at the boat ramp.

Boat Ramp Area:
Some trees were removed (SEP 2016) and clean-up performed after "Mathew" and a major Northeaster.  Additional drainage improvements and grading were performed after the dredging spoils were removed. Repairs to the boat ramp were also made in 2017.

Hibiscus community bulkhead is deteriorating and will be repaired (approximately 80 feet). Currently out for bid. Community bulkhead on Coral Court and Sunrise Drive are also in need of repair. 3 private bulkhead owners have been notified regarding required repairs and have yet to respond.

Silted-in areas of the community canals were dredged in late 2016. The spoils were drained in the boat ramp area in "Geotubes" and subsequently removed (spring 2017). Further regrading, additional drains and plantings were installed in the area.   All work was permitted through the appropriate government agencies. We don't expect to have to dredge again for about another 10 years.