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2018 Annual Meeting - has been scheduled for 10:00 am Saturday, April 28th at the Hampton Inn in Chincoteague. Members should be receiving the agenda and information packets in the mail shortly.
2017 Annual Meeting - was held April 22nd 2017 at the Hampton Inn in Chincoteague. Information packets including the agenda, proxies, reports and budget were mailed to all members prior to the meeting. The unapproved minutes are now posted. Summary meeting highlights (notes below have been updated to reflect completed work):
Road improvements - Holly Ct., Sunrise Dr, Sunrise Shore and the Hibiscus cul-de-sac road work was completed the last part of July. We continue to work to keep road drains open and clear. If you spot any missing drain caps (that help keep debris out), please notify Rich Ryan (
Dredging - work began on-time during November 2016 and was completed in about 30 days. A post-dredging survey was conducted to verify the work. The dredging spoils were placed in "Geotubes" in the boat launch area to drain for about 4 months. The spoils were removed to an approved site, and all work has been completed with the exception of some final landscaping. The site has been inspected by the County for proper compliance with the spoils removal process.
By-laws and Rules and Regulations - are under review so they can be updated to ensure compliance with current Virginia law and Chincoteague ordinances. These will be presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting for approval.
2018 Budget - was approved. The 2018 assessment will be $600 per lot.

March 3, 2018 Board Meeting Agenda
The meeting was held as scheduled. Minutes will be posted below when available.

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Board meetings begin at 10:00 AM and are held at:
    Hampton Inn
    4179 Main Street
    Chincoteague, VA 23336    

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